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Intermediate C# Programming

$95.00 (USD)

Offered in partnership with Kent State University Ashtabula choose another school






Another great course by Michael Orsega! I feel this has really taken me from "not able to program in windows at all" to "very confident that I can make new applications". I've programmed since 1970 in many languages on many platforms, and this course in C# was very helpful to get me to feel like a programmer again.

A very good writing style and I was able to use the lesson material for reference purposes.

I enjoyed the course and approach and feel it prepared me to continue in C#.

I got a lot out of this course. The instructor did an excellent job at presenting sometimes challenging material in a manner that was understandable.

I really enjoyed the course. I feel the course really covered all the important/necessary topics you need to start programming an application.

I thought the class was great. It covered many aspects of the IDE and Windows form development.

Mike is an absolutely fantastic instructor. He has a very clear way of presenting complex material.

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