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Introduction to Chemistry

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I enjoyed the class. I love biology, so I enjoyed the medical references. It was more fun than my high school course!

Thank you, Holly! This course has helped me tremendously, and I now feel more confident in my chemistry knowledge. I now feel more prepared for a college chemistry course, and I have you to thank!

The instructor presented her lecture in a very easy to understand format. I liked how she tied the lecture into everyday life. It made it even more easy to understand, and the information sticks with me.

One of the truly outstanding aspects of this course is the inclusion of many examples of where and how chemistry affects our biologic lives.

I loved this course. It is a great review for college chemistry. Thank you, Ms. Holly Trimble!

I've mentioned several times what a good writer you are. All the lessons were packed full of information, yet written clearly and interestingly. I know from experience what a challenging task that is....I have really enjoyed this course. I loved how you always included at least one chapter on how the topic of that lesson affects the human body. Also, the assignments were fun!

I really enjoyed the course, and I hope to take another course with you again someday. You did a good job of giving me the edge I need for later on in my Chemistry studies. Thanks.

This is the first online course I have ever taken and I really learned a lot. I think it will help me get through the organic chemistry class that I am taking in the spring. Thank you for teaching me the basics about chemistry. The last time I took a chemistry class was in high school over 26 years ago, and this was a good refresher course.

Excellent course! Exactly the overview and type of content that I needed to better understand chemistry. The instructor was professional and helpful, and the exercises were at the right level for even the non-chemist to understand. Thank you!

This course has certainly created a good foundation as I start my new career in healthcare. Holly has a way of explaining and simplifying topics to make it easy, especially for someone like myself who has no background in chemistry. Thank you, Holly!

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