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A+ Certification Prep Level 3

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As a mother, wife, full time worker and student, these courses seem to be custom tailored for my neeeds. Outstanding!

I now have taken all of the online courses for the A+. I am going to study a little further and hopefully get that certification soon! These three courses had a lot of good information. It got in depth with a lot of topics, which I found great. Good course overall!

I've taken all three A+ Certification courses and have enjoyed them all. This course was exactly what I needed, because I live and work in two different states and am unable to attend a classroom based course, due to my work schedule. I feel confident in my ability to pass the A+ exams with just a little more studying and review. And because of this I'll be back for the Network+ certification course.

Scott is an excellent instructor! I have learned much in his 3 A+ classes and feel confident that I will easily pass the A+ exams.

Scott was an attentive and knowledgeable instructor with a writing style surpassing all other A+ Certification Preparation authors. The course was of great value to me. Thank you Scott!

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this on line class. It was very informative and I feel that I will be successful in passing my A+ test because of the knowledge I gained in this class. Thanks again!

Thank you for this course! It was very flexible with my hours, and gave me enough time to complete my class work. I would recommend this to any one who doesn't have time for on campus training or a limited budget!

Very good class. I have learned a great deal and have been able to apply my skills appropriately due to your course. Thank you very much.

Very good course. By far the most challenging of the three.

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