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Basic CompTIA A+ Certification Prep

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Excellent course. I have been working with PCs and "pre-PCs" since 1980. I was not sure how useful this course would be to me. I was pleasantly surprised - I feel I have enhanced my knowledge and look forward to more advanced A+ courses. However the quizzes could be longer and somewhat more difficult. Great Job Scott!

From a complete beginner standpoint--an excellent way to step into the subject--material presented is clear and reinforced. Discussion areas were entertaining and informative, especially the reports covering the lab computer assignments. Learned some basics(will never forget) and know exactly which lessons need further review/study! Enjoyed the course!

I have been tweaking computers on my own for the past eight years;learning as I go. The knowledge I gained through this class was invaluable. The lesson assignments were right on target. The information was clear and precise. I am anticipating the Intermediate course with fervent optimism.

Instructor has a very charming pleasant attitude with a great sense of humor. He is a good writer. And he is responsive and helpful. :)

I really love the writing style of my instructor! He makes it so easy to understand things - even if you are somewhat new to computers!

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and the wit of Scott. Being more of the programmer than the tech, this course offered insights into the tech terms I have often heard but was not able to put a 'name to the face'. Thank you for making it simpler to understand.

The class was outstanding and Scott is a wonderful instructor. I look forward to continuing the online classes and I will tell everyone I know how great and user friendly the online classes are to those who choose to use them! Thanks for the opportunity!

The lectures were extremely well written and easy to understand. I commend the instructor on both the material oranization and his writing style.

This course is the first I have come to know "HOW" it all comes together. Wish I'd done this a long time ago. The course would benefit anyone that is half way technically inclined or just curious, and has a PC at home to maintain.

This was my third online computer course and I think it was the best course as far as material presented and exactly what I was looking for in understanding computer operations.

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