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Creating a Classroom Website

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Thank you for an informative and helpful class. I have learned much about the world of technology. Robin Sellers is a great instructor. I felt she was here beside me giving me the directions. Thank you again!

This class offered the perfect balance of content and practice! Thank you for the well thought out, nicely paced program! I feel I now have the skills and confidence to take the next steps!

I would like to thank you for all of this great information! I am excited to have this new knowledge to use as I begin a new journey in my life. I liked the pace of the course and the content wasn't so much that I was overwhelmed with it.

Thanks for the great course, Robin. I learned so much. Now I have to sit back and reflect on what I truly want on my web site. You have given me the confidence to create my own site. Now I don't have to be envious of other teachers who have their own sites. Thanks again. It was fun!

Not being extremely computer savvy, thinking about creating something as technical as a website was daunting. I am so impressed at how the instructor was able to put the information into "layman's" terms. The course was completely doable and therefore I will definitely be back for more!

Thank you so much for this course! It is only the beginning of a new world for me in technology. This will definitely benefit me for my future career as a teacher. I have been asked about blogging in an interview and was not knowledgeable in it, but now I can say I am!! I will see you again in a future course!

I was very pleased that Robin, our instructor, wrote our lessons as if she was talking to me individually. Her instructions are clear and not written in what I call "doctorate language". I have attended some lecture classes that sounded like you needed a personal translator so you could understand the content. This was my first online class. I hope all my classes in the future are just as easy to understand and educational.

I have completely enjoyed learning from Instructor Sellers, because she understands what working teachers need. Instructor Sellers is definitely a "Teacher's Teacher!!"

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