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Creating Web Pages

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I have learned a lot from this class, since starting with little to no experience. Thank you, Alan, so much for your delivery and expertise in presenting the materials. They were very detailed with great images. It made the class easy to follow and do the assignments.

Thank you for your teaching style. You are an excellent instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed this lesson.

Thank you so much for your patience and the excellent way you teach online. You are one of the best instructors I ever seen. You did an awesome job!

You explain everything - clear and simple. Even though what I am doing is so basic and simple, I feel so proud that I am capable of doing something I only thought computer geniuses could do. Thanks for this great course and helping me believe in myself again. I can't wait to learn more!

What is particularly exciting to me, is that as I add tag and text, it updates in real time as soon as I save the notepad file and refresh the browser! It is so handy to be able to test new concepts as we learn them - instant gratification! I have read pages on the web for years, wondering how the authors accomplished various bells and whistles. The mystery is gradually being revealed through this class. I could not be more pleased and excited!

Great course, Mr. Simpson! Many courses that claim to be introduction courses end up being anything but that. You designed this course to truly make a person who knew nothing about html understand the big picture of how websites work (on the internet) and how to work with html. I plan on taking your next course in html and hope that I can keep up there too!

Thank you so very much, Alan Simpson, for an approachable, informative, enjoyable course! I was totally new to this, and somewhat fearful, but you made it a pleasant experience, and I've learned a lot. I had put off taking a course for years, and personal circumstances almost led me to dropping this one. I'm so glad I didn't!

The best online class ever and this was my first! Alan, you are absolutely a great online instructor. For each lesson, it felt as if the teacher was standing in front of me...I humbled myself and reread, took breaks and came back to the lessons and "wammo" I could do it. I plan to take another course and hope I get you as my instructor. I am truly looking forward to publishing my own web site. Thank you so much!

This course is an extremely valuable tool in learning the basics of web pages. As an instructor you do a wonderful job in making it easy to understand and you have answered all questions in detail.

I was scared to death I couldn't follow your instructions, since I've been out of college a hundred years and we didn't even have computers then, but your instructions were so clear and concise that even I had no problem following them. This was a very positive experience for me and I would recommend this course to anyone.

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