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Creating WordPress Websites

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This is my 4th ed2go course and John was by far the most responsive instructor to date. He spends the time to address everyone's questions and to ensure that we become comfortable with a most daunting subject. I highly recommend this class to anyone that has a interest in the subject.

This class was extremely well done. The instructor, John, did and excellent job in teaching the material.

This was a great class!

John is one of the best online instructors I have ever had. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn. He is patient and quick to respond to students’ questions or concerns.

This was an excellent course, as it helped me to become familiar with WP -- something that would not be possible from just reading a book.

Excellent course, excellent instructor. This was my first online course and I didn't know what to expect. I was wondering, "How can you raise your hand if you have a question?" But John answered questions/concerns in a timely, constructive manner, which I appreciated. The course is well-organized. Probably one of the best organized courses I've taken and I've taken a plenty!

Thank you for creating a course that has given me valuable information and helped bring me back to educating myself. This has been an excellent experience and I will tell anyone interested in creating a blog pr website about the course.

I really want to let you know how great I think you've been as an instructor. The depth and length of your responses have been phenomenal. Your knowledge of the subject and your ability to put your students at ease with a subject that overwhelms most of us is exemplary. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am not now an expert - but I do have the confidence that I can get in there and tackle the world of web design.

This is really the best class Education To Go has to offer. You are the best instructor and you make it fun!

I definitely got what I needed out of this class. My primary objective was to learn how to work with a self-hosted WordPress website/blog that I took over for a client. Previously, I was intimidated by WordPress because I had never worked in it. This class gave me enough knowledge and confidence to dive into the existing WordPress site and start making changes to it, as well as set up my own self-hosted WordPress site which I am integrating with an existing, traditional website. Even though my objective was outside the scope of the class, the material you covered and the conversations in the Discussion area gave me what I was looking for.

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