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Introduction to Criminal Law

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I am currently working as a Victim Assistance Coordinator in a DA's office, so I have been faced with many legal issues and terms. This course helped clear up some things I was uncertain on and also gave me a good grasp of some basic elements of criminal law. Thanks for the down-to-earth style of writing as well!

I learned a lot of information from this course that I will use on a daily basis at my job.

I really enjoyed this class. I learned a lot about criminal law that I did not know before. I am definitely going to take more classes about different aspects of the law. I may even think about a new career in the legal field. Thank you for such an interesting class.

I think having an instructor who has worked in the field & has real life experiences is a plus. I learn & retain more info when I visualize the situations based on real life. Mr. Bevans did a great job & I have decided to take his other course.

The best class I have ever taken. I am now looking forward to more law classes.

This course gave me a lot of information helpful to me in the work I am already doing. I plan to continue my education in this area.

This instructor was able to weave his real life experiences into the course in a very effective way. This was a very pleasant experience for my first online course. I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in criminal law. I for one will be taking the rest of the courses offered by this instructor. Thank you!!!

This was an excellent course. The material is very relevant to my Degree. The instructor was very good and the lessons were very interesting!

This was a wonderful course and the instructor knows exactly how to explain terminology linked to real life cases that helped so much in understanding the meanings and how cases are decided. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and will be recommending it to the law enforcement agencies. This instructor was excellent and I hope to see him offer more courses.

Very good course. Presented in a way you felt the instructor was in the room with you as you visualized each lesson. Good job, very professional.

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