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Introduction to Crystal Reports

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This was a great class to get started in Crystal Reports.

This was my first online class. I appreciate how easy it was to follow and the flexibility I had to sit down and learn when it was convenient for me.

Great course and instructor. I like the effective interactive communication of the discussion area. I have learned a lot from the class and would take more courses from the instructor. I will be able to put into practise what I learned and it will help when I apply for jobs.

Just wanted to take a moment, even before doing the course evaluation to say thank you. This course was absolutely tremendous and presented very well. I know I will be calling on the skills taught here over and over again...This is truly an invaluable course of study for anyone who has anything to do with database, regardless of whether developing, designing or being a basic user. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and expertise in this course. I know it has prompted me to go further in study of this subject.

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