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Introduction to CSS3 and HTML5

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I appreciate how much effort the instructor put into responding to questions. He made an online course feel like there was human presence, and that he cared about how much you were getting out of the class. I have really enjoyed this course, and I learned a lot.

Thank you for taking the time to make it understandable. This has helped me so that I do not need to depend on others to create and manage my website.

This was an EXCELLENT class. I really was able to relate to the instructor's teaching style which made learning CSS/XHTML interesting and fun. I plan to continue my studies. Thank you very much!

I went through lesson 1, while overlapping with the end of "Intro to Creating Web Pages", and it was a great review for the "Creating Web Pages" final. I find your approach so fantastically organized and well explained! I feel confident I'll be caught up with everything when the new lesson comes Wednesday. These topics are brand new to me, so I am simply delighted to be catching on. Thanks for making everything so accessible!

Without a doubt, this is the best online class of any kind that I've taken. You explained the material so clearly and concisely - it was just a joy! As a former educator myself, I just can't praise you enough.

Teaching a class in person is hard enough and takes a skilled instructor. Teaching a course online adds that much more of a challenge. You're a talented instructor to be able to convey technical information in a manner that is easy to understand and relate to, especially when it's all virtual!

I must admit, I was a little skeptical about the returns of online courses (for me personally). I am a little more geared to real people in real classes or just pick up a book and read it, but I have been pleasantly surprised. I am impressed by the organization and flow of the material, with special thanks for including the supplements of useful internet support available (yes, you can always search yourself, but the narrowing and filtering of the choices is of value). The best compliment I can give is that I would recommend it to others and will be picking up another class coming up in a couple of weeks. Thank you.

I've learned much more than I expected. I like your writing style because it's clear, logical and easy to understand. This is a topic I knew nothing about coming in and your lessons made learning fun.

You have done an excellent job with the material and your responses have been so encouraging and helpful. I also appreciate the students in this course and in all the courses. What a great group I've had in each course! Courteous, helpful and ask great questions. Thank you all

Taking this class is great because of how methodically, clearly, and consistently information is delivered. I feel as if my prior knowledge's holes are getting systematically filled in, and that feels excellent. Thanks, Alan! The organization and clarity of your lessons and chapters makes all of this work really well for me. I appreciate the thought you had to put in to figure out what progression of material would make the most sense.

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