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Introduction to Database Development

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Great course! This week I was able to contribute in a conversation about ODBC and API in a 3-tier environment. I couldn't do that before taking this course. Thanks!

Great illustrations of user data model, E-R model, MS Access, SQL, and Database Application using Access.

I am a very busy professional and I found this course to be EXACTLY what I needed to expand my knowledge areas. The instructor is very knowledgeable and was in-step 100% with the current industry leaders opinions and best practice recommendations.

I liked the course very much and it has changed my view (in a positive and constructive manner), on how to approach building a database. I especially liked the introduction to the course as it gave me an insight as to the background of students undertaking this course. This is especially interesting as students are from different parts of the world.

I thought the course was very interesting, and the way the course was formatted really got your attention. It shows that the instructor was very knowledgeable about the course. I would recommend it to anyone who is just learning Database Development, and even if you are familiar with the Developmental areas it can help you look at the process differently.

The course was very useful. I was designing a database when I took the course. With this information, I went back through the porcess and re-designed the database. It was greatly improved.

This course helped me to better understand the database software and how the components relate. The additional reading was very helpful.

This course was very beneficial to me in developing my professional skills.

This course was very helpful to me. It gave me a good start in developing a database of orders/parts/inventories. The lessons were well-written and easy to follow, but were also challenging.

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