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Designing Effective Websites

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Excellent course. I liked using a restaurant as a model and designing a web page - I learned a great deal about site design and am beginning the design of another site.

Thank you so much for the great information and advice given in this class. It was very helpful and I'm sure it will help me start my own business in web design. It will take awhile to take in all that we have covered but I'm sure my new business will be underway soon.

The course material was and will be very useful to me. It answered a lot of my questions, introduced me to new web page development methods, and provided good material for use as I work to improve the web site that I helped build and help maintain.

This course was extremely helpful to my pursuit of web design knowledge, on many levels, especially organization and development, which I came to discover are just as important as technical issues!

What a great learning experience! My instructor was great. I was able to complete the class without missing any important part of my life. I am convinced that online learning is the new classroom for busy individuals. I just wish I had took the advice of my daughter and started sooner. I do not have one complaint. It was a great learning experience for this 56 year old lady. Thanks for having this at my disposal.

You have been extremely "hands on" with us, a wealth of info and very pleasant. You always answer promptly and personally. For the first time, I've felt like part of a class even though I'm alone here at my computer. You made me feel comfortable to ask anything and as often as I needed.

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