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Differentiating K-12 Assessments

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I absolutely loved this course and want to redo my class like this course! There were many ideas I could immediately implement! I thought it was very easy to understand, and it made sense! Thank you so much!

This course came at the right time in my career. After 17 years in the classroom, I'm feeling teacher burn out more than ever before (mainly because of the many curriculum changes in my state over the course of my career). After taking this course, I feel a little less stressed about the road ahead. I plan on implementing many of the strategies that were addressed in this course to ease the next transition to the new common core curriculum. Thank you!

I have been teaching teachers about DI for quite some time so I feel like I have a pretty good background on it. This course was helpful in teaching me some other things I didn't know, such as anchor charts and various formative assessments as well as quick grading tips.

I enjoyed this course because it provided feasible assessment ideas for any classroom. I can walk away from this course with new ideas on how to assess my students without eating up a lot of instructional time. There are also ideas on how to streamline grading so that teachers don't get burned out! Thank you for the great ideas and real world solutions.

This has been one of the most useful courses I have taken for practical application to the classroom. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you Cheryl for your insight, encouragement and great ideas for the classroom.

This course was extremely useful for me. I know that formative and summative assessment is the key to increased student achievement and now I understand how to use them. I learned so many techniques and new ideas for my classroom. I am looking forward to the next school year already and summer vacation is starting in two days. Thank You!

I really liked the content. It will be very useful in my work and with my staff. I am already planning my PDs for the fall. Another very positive factor was the almost immediate feedback that I received from the instructor. I have taken many classes and most are not as timely with their replies.

I am going to highly recommend this course to my fellow teachers. I took this class as a "refresher" and thought it might be redundant, dated,or even boring. However, I was mistaken! I learned several new strategies that I was able to adapt immediately to help with review for the EOC...I am looking forward to revitalizing my curriculum this summer utilizing new rubric formats, new vocabulary activities, and new assessment strategies(Quick Check, KUD chart,etc). And I have summer time to leisurely tweak my lesson plans, at my own pace. Thank you!

I learned so many practical ways to improve my assessments. I am excited about fine-tuning my formative assessments. I loved your class! I took lots of notes on helpful information and made copies of many pages. The book recommendations and the lesson - Checking for Understanding and Classroom Assessment and Grading That Work - are two must-haves for me. Thank you!

Cheryl is an amazing communicator and instructor. She gets 100% for her well taught course. Of all my educational courses, I believe this is the most empowering information I have ever learned. This will assist me in helping each student in my class to successfully increase his/her performance…I am grateful to Cheryl for enlightening me and helping me obtain these valuable educational tools. This was my first online class. I surprisingly learned much more than in a PLU class held onsite. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

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