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Discover Digital Photography

$149.00 (USD)

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Lesson 1

Become familiar with digital photography basics and decision-making tools for choosing the right computer for you.

Lesson 2

Learn about and evaluate features and functions of digital cameras.

Lesson 3

Explore more features of digital cameras and what to look for when shopping.

Lesson 4

Understand the need for image storage and the options available.

Lesson 5

Explore the options and advantages of using a smartphone or tablet for photography.

Lesson 6

Investigate basic and advanced digital editing options.

Lesson 7

Become familiar with the resources for digital photographers on computers and the Internet.

Lesson 8

Explore the options for printing quality prints from digital images.

Lesson 9

Examine the many ways society is changing with the opportunities digital photography provides.

Lesson 10

Examine the equipment available for scanning film and prints, as well as options for restoring damaged images.

Lesson 11

Survey the ways digital photography enhances travel photography and how to plan for work on the road.

Lesson 12

Realize the options for composing images where you intend to use digital editing as part of the artistic process.






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