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Discover Digital Photography

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"I knew nothing, really, about digital photography or cameras when I started. My knowledge was so limited I couldn't even ask questions. Now I feel competent to choose a camera and discuss the subject intelligently with people already using the technology. With the lessons, links, recommended books and other resources gleaned from this course I will practice all of the methods and techniques at my leisure. Many thanks."

"At first, I was leery about taking an online course and even felt that I would have done better in a classroom; however, after two lessons I quickly changed my mind. I liked being able to print the lessons and study at my convenience. I really enjoyed the course."

"Awesome course! Helped me with the purchase of my new camera and the overall functionality of it from the start. Made the purchase exciting not overwhelming or frustrating. THANK YOU!"

"Beverly, I've enjoyed this course because it seemed that the lessons were written just for me and the questions of the other students supplemented the information. Also, no matter how trivial or complicated the students' questions were, you and Eric somehow managed to keep your answers simple and to the point. Thank you. "

"I can't remember when I have been so delighted with a class. The supplemental material alone could keep me busy for several lifetimes. It goes on and on - a wealth of information. Beverly kept it fascinating every inch of the way. This class is the school's best kept secret - and what a bargain! If Beverly teaches it, I'll sign up for it no matter the cost. I can't think of one suggestion to improve this class. How do you improve on perfection?"

"I had no knowledge of digital photography prior to taking this course, and feel I gained a good beginning foundation in this area. Beverly Schulz is extremely knowledgeable, displays warm interpersonal skills in her interaction with those taking this course, and presents the course material in an interesting and lively manner. I appreciate all of the great references she provided."

"I was already familiar with scanning, shooting digital, and editing with software. I learned more technical details in these areas. What I really needed to learn this course taught very well: printing, inks, paper and permanency of photos for the future. I was pleasantly surprised by the historical aspects of photography presented here, giving an excellent context for the extreme changes in photography we are experiencing today. Well worth the time and money. Thank you, Beverly and TA's!"

"Thanks Beverly....This course has helped me to expand my knowledge about photography and has stirred up my interest again in this art form........I'm very excited to have taken your course and to pick up my hobby again."

"This course far exceeded my expectations in information. I had stated many times that I would not change to digital photography. After this course I now am excited about entering the digital world. The course has helped me decide on the camera I want to purchase as well as other equipment I didn't realize I needed. It also gave me wonderful hints and suggestions for photography in general. I now also feel more confident in using the internet. Thank you so much."

"This course has given me the skills I need to continue exploring photography. I have enjoyed this experience completely. My job has hindered me from pursuing additional learning opportunities, but this class’s timeline allowed me to balance a very demanding job with my desire to continue my education. Thank you!"

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