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Introduction to Dreamweaver CS6

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I thought the pace of the course was perfect. The content was ideal for my situation. I'm working at a company where I'm making an internal website for my department to be used by internal company users, and this class helped with exactly what I need to fine-tune a Web site I created. Thanks.

I really enjoyed the class. It was well-organized, and even though there wasn't a face-to-face element, I appreciated the instructor's less-formal (often funny) writing style. All lessons were very clear -- text and graphics.

I wanted to refresh my Dreamweaver skills. The material and instructor did that and also gave me valuable tips and practice in current web development.

Love the instructor's sense of humor! Liked how everything was step-by-step. Liked how I could go at my own pace and reread or redo sections if I didn't get it the first time.

It was a great course. It totally exceeded my expectations. Not only for the quality of the material, i.e organization, areas covered, depth, level, assignments, but also the outstanding motivation and support instructor Robert Fuller provided. I have really enjoyed it and feel a strong start. I definitely recommend this course to anybody that needs/wants a solid introduction to Dreamweaver and CSS. I am planning to move forward and sign up to the next level course.

Really enjoyed this instructor's style. Kept things light and fun, while being highly informative, clear, and very understandable. Great course, very useful. Would certainly recommend this course to anyone wanting to gain a good basic understanding of Dreamweaver CS6. Thanks!

I can't emphasize what a good value this course is. When my employer made me a Webmaster, they sent me to a one-day class that was five times the price of this course, and I was taught to use tables to design a website. (Very bad.) I walked away feeling as if I'd been given a drink out of a fire hose, and it was outdated information. This course was well-organized and offered relevant, up-to-date information. I know I'll be referring back to the materials in my day-to-day job. I have been a corporate trainer and I can attest the materials are top-notch. All too often, course materials are written by someone who isn't teaching it. That is clearly not the case here. Robert knows and owns the material, and that makes all the difference. This course is well-designed and has a logical flow.

I was very impressed by this online course. The material is well-organized and concisely, clearly communicated. I learned much more from such a short course than I'd anticipated. I was especially impressed by how quickly discussion questions were answered. I will recommend the course to friends interested in learning Dreamweaver.

Excellent organization of information, easy to follow, very informative, good examples! I very much enjoyed the class and feel I got a good intro and beginning to understanding and using Dreamweaver. I knew literally nothing of the program before, so this is an amazing feat. Now I just need to put it into practice so it will become more fluid and useful at my fingertips without having to use the notes all the time. The fact the notes were available and printable (and quizzes too), and also the supplementary material, helped greatly in the process of learning and using the material. A very full and rich class—thank you! I learned a lot!

Great course! I appreciated the instructor's humorous writing style - it made the content easy to read and kept me interested. He always made sure to reference real-work situations, and that also helped.

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