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Employment Law Fundamentals

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An excellent teacher and a very interesting course!!! I really liked the little graphics which were placed within each lesson. The lessons were written so that the lay person could understand.

I am fairly new in the HR field. This course was very helpful and informative.

I enjoyed learning more about the topics in this course. The examples made the topic more understandable. The instructor's writing style and organization of the lessons were helpful. I feel prepared to hire my first employee and monitor my business to reduce liability and know what is required of me. Thanks.

I had very limited knowledge of employment law. This course was full of valuable information written in a manner a layperson would understand. I liked the examples given.

I have been at my first supervisor role for a year now, and this course has been very beneficial to my career and future success. Thank you!

I learned a lot from this course, and will implement what I've learned. I feel more confident in knowing that I know where to look for answers about employment law. I bookmarked all the websites that were posted.

I really enjoyed learning about Employment Law. The instructor made the class interesting, challenging and fun! I would strongly recommend it!

I've been in business on my own for 20 years. There was a lot of great information and web links supplied that really helped me to revise and update our own employment manuals. The short stories of real cases also helped me to understand more technical issues from a better perspective. This course did teach an old dog new tricks!

I've been in HR for a number of years and felt that a "refresher" would be helpful. I found this course to be helpful in updating current employment practices.

The course covered very useful information. Great in depth knowledge. Anyone working in the HR and/or legal field should take this course.

This class was well worth the time and money spent. I would recommend this class to ANYONE whether in management or not, if they have questions about the actions of their employer, or what their rights are as an employee.

This course should be mandatory for every employee. I learned so much new information. After completing one lesson, I could hardly wait for the next lesson to start.

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