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Math Refresher

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I haven't taken a math class for nearly 30 years. The professor made this class easy to understand, removed my fear and learning occurred. Thanks a million.

Hands-down one of the best classes I've taken. I've always struggled in math classes but Ivy made some of these same challenges finally be more understandable and solvable. The straight-forward explanations tied to "real world" financial, household, business and education transactions were excellent ! Thanks for all your effort.

I really enjoyed the course and the instructor. It was a nice review for me and I also learned a lot of new terms, too. I will recommend this course to my friends.

There are two kinds of math lessons: (1) Rules & Design[how math is built], & (2) Applications [what does math do]. When I signed-up for the class I assumed it would be the former (1) Rules & Design. In fact it was the latter (2) Applications. The instructor knew the material and did a brilliant job of communicating with me. I enjoyed the class. If I could do anything, it would be to change the course title to: "Everyday Math Applications."

Top of the line, Ivy. I really enjoyed taking this course.

I found this class to be everything it advertised to be, and Ms. Bishop was very professional, knowledgeable and very helpful. She was quick to answer questions and provide helpful feedback/assistance. I would highly recommend this class and look forward to taking more online classes.

Thank you Ivy! Your lessons are extremely helpful and easy to follow. I will keep it handy for my future reference.

I finally understand math and all the things that have been confusing me for years! Thanks so very much!!

I took this class to ease back into coursework to prepare to start school full time in the fall. The material covered was relevant & a great brush-up for my long dormant math skills. The work at your own pace method was great for me. It allowed me to print the materials & continually study without the feeling of pressure & deadlines. I would definitely recommend this or other Ed2Go courses to others.

I was very satisfied with this course. There was a lot of things that I have never saw before. Ms Ivy was very quick in answering my questions. I really enjoyed this class.

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