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Advanced Fiction Writing

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Lesson 1

Rediscover the power of the three-act story structure and the dramatic elements that create it.

Lesson 2

Examine the different plot templates that form the foundation of nearly all fiction.

Lesson 3

Explore techniques for making both major and minor characters believable and memorable.

Lesson 4

Experiment with viewpoint, voice, and tense to discover their effect on your writing.

Lesson 5

Master techniques for creating vivid settings that will capture your readers' imaginations.

Lesson 6

Discover the internal structure of scenes and sequels, which make up almost every successful piece of fiction, and see how it relates to the checkpoints of story structure, dialogue, and pacing.

Lesson 7

Investigate the role conflict plays in creating action and suspense, and learn how to heighten both through pacing, starting the clock, hints, and misdirection.

Lesson 8

Explore the uses of dialogue, and discover techniques for crafting the most realistic exchanges possible.

Lesson 9

See how to create a dramatic opening and closing and make them work together.

Lesson 10

Enrich your writing through symbols that add depth, metaphors that will cling to your readers' memories, and the technique of writing big, which will make your stories transcendent.

Lesson 11

Bring your story to life by showing—not telling—and using dialogue instead of exposition to create drama and keep your readers reading.

Lesson 12

Navigate the stormy seas from first draft to bookstore shelves without running aground or sinking in a sea of debt.






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