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Fundamentals of Supervision and Management

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Lesson 1

Describe what managers are and what they do, why they are needed, and how their various functions are defined.

Lesson 2

Discuss how technical and managerial duties evolve as people are promoted up through the layers of an organization.

Lesson 3

Describe managerial jobs in terms of the technical and managerial tasks that are performed.

Lesson 4

Explain the ways in which a supervisor can handle the challenges of delegation, performance management, and time management.

Lesson 5

Summarize the importance of motivation in the workplace.

Lesson 6

Outline the basic theories of motivation.

Lesson 7

Describe the focus and the impact of the various theories of motivation.

Lesson 8

Explain the importance of creating a motivational environment.

Lesson 9

Define conflict, negotiation, and problem-solving.

Lesson 10

Describe the various models and techniques of problem solving.

Lesson 11

Apply the problem-solving model to an actual situation.

Lesson 12

Summarize the relationship of implementation to the problem-solving model.






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