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Fundamentals of Supervision and Management II

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I can honestly say that this class has affected how I relate to people on all levels. I find myself applying many principles to my employees. I've also begun changing many of my reactions to my boss. It is so easy to make quick judgements as to people's motives. From several exercises, I've learned that my negative reactions were probably derived from frustration, rather than his intentions. As a result, I'm not as stressed at work.

I enjoyed this class a lot and it was extremely beneficial in the areas of study for the position of management that I am working towards. It was well written and easy to stay focused on due to the writing style and material. Thank you so much for making it available on-line.

I have really enjoyed your class. After completing both I & II I have a better understanding of those who work around me and hopefully will eventually be supervising some of them in the near future. I highly recommend this course. It is easy to follow and filled with great truths that are helpful in any relationship - whether business or personal. Thanks!!

I want to thank you for this course, it was very interesting to me. This was my first course online and I would recommend it to anyone. You were very informative and attentive to your student's discussion. I have recommended this course to both City and County officials for their employees and supervisors.

Online learning worked very well for me and my time schedule. The management and supervision classes I've completed have been very rewarding to me and I know the information I just learned online will be of great value to me as I supervise from this day forward. Thank you.

While I am new to the management field, these courses (both I & II) have helped me greatly. It gave me answers and insight to other issues that I have yet to encounter. Thank you.

I took your Fundamentals of Supervision and Management course last spring and it helped me to pass my ASQ CMQ/OE exam on March 2. Thanks.

I enjoyed Part 2 as well as 1. I have learned a lot that I can and will use to resolve issues within my department. This is a great course to take: very informative, on point, and covers real workplace issues. These courses (1 & 2) have helped me in starting my career advancement in the field of project management. I have more online courses to take; I hope the classes and instructors will be as good as yours. Thank you for teaching such a fine course.

Thank you very much for the wonderful course. This is the most practical treatment of the subject that I've seen. I can see how this material can be applicable in other areas of life as well.

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for this interesting, informative and enjoyable course. Your expertise and experience are clear and impressive. The skills and information you present in this course are invaluable, in both the professional and personal arenas.

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