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Fundamentals of Technical Writing

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Great course! I learned so much. I wasn't sure whether to pursue technical writing, but now I'm equipped with the knowledge to make an educated opinion. I have already recommended this course to several people. I was very impressed with the instructor's technique and information.

What a valuable course! Janet boiled down the professional basics of technical writing so clearly. I have enough refreshed and new skills (including confidence) to do my own professional grade tech writing practice project, and then look for a technical writing job or contract. The course's supplementary information is great too, and will keep me busy. Thanks so much, Janet.

I've really enjoyed this course. The structure is perfect, and Janet is a beautiful writer. She is a real role model for what a technical writer and course developer should be and the results they should deliver. I have a long way to go, and I'm looking forward to taking more courses in this series - hopefully with Janet as instructor.

I loved taking this class. The information provided was up-to-date, useful, and easy to understand. The instructor was always available and I knew if I had any questions or concerns she would be there to answer them. I will highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in pursuing technical writing.

Ms. Underwood is a gifted instructor as well as consummate professional. The instruction was better than any graduate course in my area. Not only were the assignments relevant, they were challenging enough that I couldn't wait to read her comments and other students. She personalized her comments in a very helpful way, sometimes giving very protracted answers!

I really enjoyed this course. It did exactly what I wanted by refreshing me on something I was taught in school along with the opportunity to learn the small details maybe they didn't cover in school and ideally what's current right now. I really enjoyed the class, the instructors style...You can tell the passion and experience in every lesson.

This course was great. I now know without a doubt that I like technical writing, and I feel like I have a good idea of how to start a career in it. Far more useful than any quiz or exam are the assignments. Going through the steps of creating a technical document was invaluable, and I now have work that I can be proud of and use in the future.

Janet was AMAZING!!! She is was a great instructor, writer, and was patient, responsive and made the reading interesting fun and very easy to understand. I can't say enough great things about her style of teaching and the way she conducted this online course. I would recommend it to anyone that is starting a technical career!

As a technical writer, I enjoyed this course very much. Having been out of the technical writer arena full-time for almost 10 years, there were a lot of things that I needed to review and in some instances, to learn due to the advancement of technology. Lucky me, I was taking this course while I landed a contract to edit and proofread a system manual. Needless to say this course came in handy. Professor Underwood's lectures were clear, concise and very easy to follow and understand. She was always ready to help any of her students beyond the call of duty which makes her a great teacher. I was one of those students. I would definitely referred anybody who is interested in learning more about technical writing to take her class. She is awesome!

Wow! This course is amazing! The instructor and the material is the best I've ever seen. I felt that Janet was there through every step of the course. She's very articulate, compassionate, and supportive throughout the entire course. Honestly, I was intimidated at first. But after the first lesson that went away. The discussion is was my comfort blanket. All the people in there, with the questions and answer from the instructor, made it feel like a small community with a common goal. Never once did I feel like I was judge poorly. Bottom line. I would definitely recommend this course to all who are interested in the fundamentals of tech writing. It will open your mind to things that you've never thought you know about the tech writing word. The instructor inspired me to continue to learn more about, MS Words, the English language, and most importantly, how to be write more professionally, because how you write is just as important as how you speak.

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