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GED Prepare Math Test

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I am about to take my final exam and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to take this course! In high school, my mathematical abilities were practically non-existent; however, I now have found a new confidence in my abilities that will allow me to successfully start and complete a university degree in the near future!

I enjoyed the class and the instructor was great and the lessons were easy to understand. I also thought the lessons were just the right length. Thank you for having an online class.

I just wanted to thank you for your time and the education you have provided me. I will continue to study my GED book a little more and then go take my test. I feel better about myself now that I can do this math. Thank you so very much, Barb.

I really enjoyed this math class and found it most helpful. In this class nothing was assumed that you must know it, but rather, every little detail was explained. New methods that I have never see before made previous difficult areas so much easier. This was certainly a great class.

I've always hated math with a passion but this course changed that. Thanks!

I was nervous that I wouldn't understand the course because it was online and not face-to-face. It turns out, I really enjoyed it and it was very easy to understand and fit into my schedule. I plan on taking the GED Math test this Wednesday and thanks to your course, I'm confident I will pass.

Math used to be an obstacle to me. After this course it no longer is. Barb knows what she is doing when it comes to math. The lesson format was exactly what I was looking for. The lessons are so well formatted that there is no need for "guesswork". Suprisingly, I actually found the course interesting. I am so happy to have my new math skills for the GED test and also for use in my daily life. Much thanks to you Barb and keep up the good work!

This was a nice and compact course to ENSURE that I was ready. I really liked the whole set up. Thanks so much for everything, I went from a score of 390 to a 460! Passed my math!

I have recommended this course to several of my students who are needing extra help on the GED math. They like the simple way that the concepts are explained. I learned new ways to explain some problems to my students to help them to remember how to solve the problems. I highly recommend this class if you want a no-nonsense, down-to-earth math overview before you take the 2014 GED.

Instructor was supportive and made efforts to communicate online. Excellent selection of real-life problems (roofing, Facebook, etc.), clear explanation of relevance (shopping, quadratics used for programming online class, etc.) Good balance of teaching math content along with info about the GED test (formula sheet, calculator).

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