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GED Preparation

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I found the GED course to be very helpful on-line and am glad that it was offered. With my busy schedule, working and activities for the children it has taken me a long time to pursue this goal for myself. I am grateful for having the opportunity to do the GED on-line and thank you for offering it.

I have always had trouble with fractions and decimals and things of that sort. I have not been able to find anything that would just explain simple ways to do this math. This course hit the nail right on the head! The instructor was clear in her writing and teaching and explained things in simple detail so I could understand. Thank You!

I have tried many other methods of learning and this one actually got me to do fractions, something I thought I would never learn . Thank you.

Thank you very much. I feel like I am completely prepared to obtain my G.E.D. I started to work when I was very young, and always felt not finishing High School was something I had missed out on, and regretted. With your help, I will now right that wrong. You were very, very helpful. You simplified things that at the start seemed a bit more complicated. You made learning, and or, relearning in some cases, very easy. I would highly recommend your class to anyone. Thanks so very much.

Before this course I had no clue of what the GED exam would be. Now I feel more confident, and I know in which areas I have to work. I really enjoyed the course and the way it was presented. Thank you very much!

This course has helped me tremendously. I am preparing for the GED very late in life (about 27 years late). The prospect of going over these subjects was very unnerving to me. Much to my surprise, I now feel much more at ease and eager to sharpen up on my weak points so that I can pass all parts of the GED with flying colors! Thank you a million times over for making this course available.

Barb, as I look back over this course, I am so impressed with the scope, the explanations, and the lessons! They are definitely user-friendly and are very instructional. Most of all though, your responses were very supportive and helpful! I will be sure to recommend this course to anyone who needs it in the future! It is a wonderful teacher's course, too. Thank you again!

This course was absolutely perfect to help me assess what I need to do going forward to be ready for the GED. I know where my strengths and weaknesses are, and I'm excited to move forward. The lesson content was very helpful.

Thank you so much for offering this course. The isntructor was amazing and I am proud to say that I took the GED exam and passed!

Very helpful information, I felt like I was able to understand everything pretty clear and it helped a lot having to go lesson by lesson on each subject that was provided. I feel confident taking my GED test and believe I will probably pass. Thank you.

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