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Get Assertive!

Get Assertive
$149.00 (USD)

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Lesson 1

Understand the difference between passive, aggressive and assertive attitudes, gestures and phrases.

Lesson 2

Identify your inner script and learning the methods of visualizing, use affirmations, tell your story, write a journal, and create a collage to change negative self-images in your inner script

Lesson 3

Identify the various ways non-assertive people lose power through their words by using tag questions, qualifiers, disclaimers, fillers and words of compassion.

Lesson 4

Understand how to be verbally assertive using the form of direct, honest statements, framing assertive messages with four forms of "I" statements, and dealing assertively with anger and criticism from others

Lesson 5

Understand how important body image is in emphasizing and being congruent with your assertive statements; learn how to use eye contact, facial expressions, voice, body posture, gait and clothes to create an assertive body image

Lesson 6

Identify ways to adapt the assertive message according to the personality type and resistance offered by the other person.

Lesson 7

Learn the verbally manipulative statements family members use and how to assertively respond to them, how to act assertively with your parents and siblings, and how to deal assertively with your children.

Lesson 8

Understand the different emotional types of individuals and how each deals with other people and conflicts, how these different emotional types act in relationships, and how to deal with conflict assertively.

Lesson 9

Learn how to use assertiveness skills and techniques in dealing with friends, participating in social conversation, and dealing with social situations

Lesson 10

Learn how to be assertive in job interviews, be assertive with bosses, co-workers and subordinates, deal assertively with sexual harassment, and recognize whether a company encourages or discourages assertiveness

Lesson 11

Understand how to deal assertively with people as a consumer, such as waiters, salespeople, government employees and professionals, and how to be assertive in everyday situations

Lesson 12

Learn how to give and receive compliments, be assertive in doing and learning new things in life, understand when not to use assertiveness, and be familiar with a description of a truly assertive person






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