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Get Funny!

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As a university professor, I have designed and taught online courses myself, so I wanted to see what it was like to be an online student. I have very much enjoyed the course and I have greatly appreciated Joanna's teaching style, her support, feedback and constant encouragement. As a result I have learned a lot, more than I expected to, about many different areas of life, connected by humour. Thank you very much, Joanna.

In all the years I've been in show business, no one ever would share these valuable secrets and tools. Comedy is something you can work at and get better at, just like singing or playing. I really appreciate learning this from Joanna. She is a quite gifted writer and teacher.

Joanna has helped me to hone my natural sense of humor by allowing me to put names to certain techniques. In this way, I feel like I have more control over being funny--that it is somewhat of a science instead of purely an art. This makes comedy seem less mysterious to me. I have been inspired to pursue humor and comedy writing thanks to this course. Thank you!

It was a pleasure taking this course from an instructor who obviously cares about her profession. Her writing style is as good as any I’ve ever read and she has an amazing ability to be able to explain herself and her subject matter in a clear and enjoyable way. Her critique of my homework assignments were well thought out and authoritative, I would be happy to learn more from Joanna.

I must confess that I was initially reluctant to enroll in this course primarily due to my age. I had used various forms of humor as a type of coping mechanism throughout my life, but I was not confident that I could keep pace with the coursework or the sharp, younger students in this class. With the encouragement of a twenty-something friend, I decided to enroll and am truly glad I did. This course was definitely worth every penny I invested in it and was a ton of fun! The light-hearted humor that you incorporated into each lesson chapter made the reading assignments all that more enjoyable.

Thank you, Joanna! This course was a wonderful surprise and far more than I expected. The assignments were tough, but a joy to complete. I did fall a little behind, but Joanna is very encouraging and never let me feel at a loss. A brilliant class that I have already raved about to others!

The Get Funny! course delivered much more than was promised and more than I expected. Joanna is an expert in several fields where creating and applying humor are paramount. I learned where comedians and humorists find their material and how they create and apply humor. I now have the skills to generate humorous inputs for various publications and other applications. I also learned ways to incorporate humor into my life, at home, at play, at work, and in almost any situation. Joanna shared her invaluable knowledge in her lessons and reviews of our assignments, both of which were punctuated with her delightful humor. The course was so much fun, I'm not sure it's legal. Waiting for each lesson was like waiting for Christmas, as each lesson was a gift from Joanna. I got up early every lesson day and peeked at the lesson. I couldn't wait to read the lesson and work on the assignment. Joanna spent a great deal of time carefully reviewing our work and constructing thoughtful and helpful comments.

I love this course and I am sorry to see it end. In addition to humor, there are so many valuable skills taught in this class - observational skills, thinking outside the box and brainstorming skills. I am able to apply these skills in all areas of my life. I highly recommend this course! Also, I really appreciated the instructor, she gave wonderful feedback and was very encouraging! She made the course fun - it was challenging but, so much fun!

I really enjoyed this course, Joanna. I'm a recently retired geophysicist with not a lot of background in writing, so it was quite challenging for me. You have an amazing amount of information in this course--I did not expect to learn so muc!! Plus, it was presented in such a charming way! I sincerely hope to use information from this course in my daily activities. Thanks so much for enriching my life!

I absolutely loved this class!! It was refreshing and so funny! I don't think I have laughed so much or worked to understand the comedy legends like Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin. I loved this class and would recommend it to everyone I know! Thank you and now I can put more humor in my life and others as well.

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