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GMAT Preparation

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I thought the lessons were very helpful. They provided a good basis as a GMAT prep course. They also provided terrific strategies and approaches to the questions.

It was a good course to get started with studying for the GMAT. It gave good ideas on how to study for the test. And the grammar review was very helpful.

I was hesitant to take this course since it was on the Internet, but it turned out to be a very useful course and the Internet allowed me to be able to take the course when I had time to work with the material.

I just took the actual GMAT for the second time yesterday and I scored 170 points higher since taking this course! The first time to take it, I got lost finding the actual test center INSIDE the building, and was very stressed. This time around I did much better and was a lot less stressed and felt much more confident in myself. This course helped so much! Thanks and good luck to everyone!!

I just returned after finishing the GMAT - I got a 590! I'm very pleased with the result since I only had 5 weeks of preparation. Thank you to the Instructors for your help and guidance. Thanks to all my "classmates" and for posting your feedback and answers.

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