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Grammar Refresher

$89.00 (USD)

Offered in partnership with Mission College






Finally a class was offered online to meet my personal needs! Grammar is a course that people should take periodically to improve their writing skills.

I appreciate all your effort and expertise in presenting this course in a clear and interesting manner. I will try hard to apply what I have learned. Again, thank you.

It was a very useful course that I wouldn't mind brushing up on periodically. Thanks for everything.

Thanks for a great course. It was just what I needed to gain more confidence in my writing. The language used in the lessons was clear and a joy to read. I liked the style of the lessons and the examples. Thanks very much. I shall miss it now that I have finished it.

Thank you for a great course. My grammar skills needed great improvement and this course really helped me.

The Grammar Refresher class exceeded my expectations. The lessons were well written and explored the material in more depth than had I expected. As a result, I was able to pinpoint problem areas in my writing. Making the corrections will be an ongoing learning process for me, and will require breaking some long established habits, but thanks to this class I now know where to start. The best part of the course was the discussion section. The teacher responded immediately to discussion questions with thoughtful, detailed answers. She was incredible! It was extremely helpful to be able to ask her to clarify troubling areas, or explain style differences.

This course was an excellent refresher! It helped me in getting rid of some bad grammatical habits. Thanks, Ellen!

This was my first on-line course. I felt it was worthwhile and will certainly continue to take writing courses. Thank you for a professional introduction to on-line learning.

The teacher created an interesting set of lessons for the students. Grammar can be boring, but the teacher's voice, enthusiasm, and knowledge made it interesting for the most reluctant students. The clarity of the lessons and review options made it clear that she wants students to learn and succeed. I would highly recommend this to other students. Thanks for providing such a great course!

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