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GRE Preparation - Part 1 (Verbal and Analytical)

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Truly, this course is a big help! I'm taking the exam next Friday, and I have a feeling I'll do much better than I originally would have done had I not taken this online course. The instructor is great and prompt and helpful, and also enthusiastic (always a plus).

I learned much from the course. It gave me just what I needed to prepare for the test. The advice it provided was great.

The instructor is very helpful and responds very quickly with questions. I have gained confidence about myself and the GRE after taking this course. I would strongly recommend this course to others.

I loved this class, it was awesome! I have already recommended this class to others because it has given me hope for my future.

I would encourage anyone preparing to take the GRE test to take this class first. The information provided by the instructor was very insightful and helpful. Thanks!

The course helped me gain 80 points in the verbal section of the GRE General Test over my old scores. This is significant and my 560 score on the Verbal portion is enough to let me apply to the school and the program that I want. Thanks!!

I really liked how the class did not overwhelm one with too much information in such a short period of time but it still managed to provide one with very useful information. I liked how the lessons were spaced apart and everything was at a good pace. I really liked how the instructor was also so helpful and quick at answering everyone's questions.

The Instructors were very helpful in answering questions promptly. The lessons covered in this course were all very helpful in GRE prep Techniques.

The instructor broke things down easily and in addition made me more interested to learn. I truly believe I learned something and it did not make me feel slow. Thanks alot. I will recommend this class to others.

Found the course very helpful, and gave me great pointers for taking the GRE!! Thank you!

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