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Introduction to Guitar

$149.00 (USD)

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Lesson 1

Get to know your guitar, and discover how to correctly hold it, tune it, and achieve the proper right-hand position.

Lesson 2

Understand the essential techniques of tone, the fundamentals of music notation, and the basic music rhythms.

Lesson 3

Identify bass and treble string notes on the music staff, and learn the finger-picking technique through various rhythm exercises.

Lesson 4

Gain an understanding of the correct left-hand position, and identify the E1 string notes on the music staff.

Lesson 5

Discover notes on the B2 string, and create harmony by pressing and holding those notes while playing the E1 string.

Lesson 6

Learn notes on the G3 string, and identify their placement on the music staff. Recognize rest symbols, and understand how to apply them in music with two voices.

Lesson 7

Explore accidentals in music, sixteenth notes and the sixteenth rest, and the benefits of becoming proficient with scales.

Lesson 8

Understand the concept and technique for playing two notes together.

Lesson 9

Recognize open string equivalents, new ways of playing two notes together, and additional repeat markings and signs.

Lesson 10

Learn about tempo terms and volume control, and how to count and play triplets.

Lesson 11

Realize and practice techniques to minimize unwanted sounds that naturally occur when you play.

Lesson 12

Examine dynamic tempo terms and accenting notes, and discover how to play four notes together.






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