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Introduction to Guitar

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After years of no formal training, I feel like I am on the road from playing notes to making music. This was very enjoyable and helpful! Thanks for helping to improve the quality of my life!

I have attempted other guitar courses that only teach chords. I gave up because of not understanding and immediately lost interest. This course was the best. It covered every question that I have ever had about how to play the guitar correctly, and I can read music now. I am 55 years old and this was my first real guitar course. I am playing the guitar and enjoying it. If anyone out there is wondering whether you can learn to play the guitar at your age, the answer is YES, YOU CAN. Take this course and you will be amazed at how good you can be at playing the guitar.

One of the things which I find so inspiring about this class is the instructor's obvious love and passion for the guitar. It's almost poetic, reading the way he describes things. This helps paint a picture in my mind. It is not just another dry guitar class, but something really beautiful. Thank you for that!

I enjoyed taking the course and looked forward to each class. This is a good introduction to playing guitar regardless of preferred style of music. The course puts a student on a path of productive learning and inspires continued guitar playing. The instructor and course materials were very helpful in learning to play the guitar. I could practice and study at home whenever I wanted to. I'll be signing up for more ed2go guitar classes. Thanks!

This course was absolutely wonderful! I am so glad to have the saved lessons so I may spend more time repeating the exercises and reminding myself of proper technique. The video and audio components are immeasurably helpful. I am inspired to find a teacher and set aside practice time. Thank you for such a thorough and well-balanced course.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course as it was well written making it very interesting, easy to understand, and fun. The numerous video and audio clips were very helpful leading up to beautiful song compositions. I learned so much as each lesson progressed to the next making me want to continue with learning even more.

I loved it! Thank you to the instructor who explained everything so perfectly! I thought playing guitar from notes was impossible for me. I was proven wrong!

In the first lesson, the instructor, Edward Burns, played a piece of music and said that by the end of this course, we would be able to play something similar. I laughed out loud and said, ""No way!"" But I have to say that this course is so well written and structured that even someone with no musical experience can come out the other end doing far more with their guitar than they ever imagined! Edward is gifted at motivating and encouraging students to achieve their goals. I highly recommend this course!

Thanks for the great course! I've been trying to learn guitar since 2000 when my wife gave me my guitar. I tried private lessons, books, YouTube, and an Xbox guitar trainer. Your course worked. I can finally call my guitar something other than "My Display Guitar."

Mr. Burns is passionate about his craft and appears very willing to teach others to share that same passion. I found it helpful that Mr. Burns stressed that each student use expressive and artistic techniques that come from within to bring the music alive, and not merely play robotically. Quite interesting and eye opening for me. Awesome teacher and lessons!

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