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High Speed Project Management

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This course is excellent! So good in fact, that it actually should be a requirement for completion of any project management certification program. A simple straightforward way to create and maintain a good rhythm for any project, applying accepted tools and processes. Kudos to the instructor, Tom Meyers, for designing such a worthwhile class. Seasoned project managers could benefit from his tips and strategies.

As an acting project manager, I found the course very informative and relevant to my continuing education. The content was well-written, concise, and to the point. I learned more from this 8-week course than I did from several university-level PM courses.

This is the first time I took an Instructor-Facilitated Online Learning, and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I had originally thought that 12 lessons in 6 weeks would be too long considering that we are busy at work and in our personal life... but the 6 weeks went by fast. The lessons and quizzes were very interesting and well-structured, and Tom provided timely feedback to the students in the Discussion section. I will surely make use of what I learnt in this course. Great job, Tom!

This was a very informative and insightful course. The material was up-to-date and was relevant to all aspects of my job. The dialogue that occurred between the professor and the students within the discussion section was great. Especially, to read about the different perspectives and tools used by other project managers.

This is a great course for required CEU's and I will definitely recommend it to colleagues.

The study materials were straight-forward, condensed, and quite appropriate at providing students with the "necessary" information needed to develop a sound foundation in the understanding of program management. Other institutions of learning should acquire the same format. Tom Myers was great at providing quick comments and I am pleased to have been a part of his instructions-thanks!

I loved this course. I like that the instructor shares real-life experiences, both good and bad. For me, this is what makes a real difference between attending a course and reading a book. I hope to see more courses from this instructor in the near future!

Mr. Tom Myers is an excellent instructor and I am grateful to have taken this online course under his guidance. I believe my learnings from this course will prove beneficial to me in my career. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Myers for this convenient opportunity.

This is the most comprehensive and useful project management course I have taken. I found the organization of the instructions incredibly helpful and I appreciate Tom Myers initiative to ensure prospective project managers know which tasks precede and succeed which task. I strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing their CAPM or PMP certifications.

Formal project management befuddled me before this course. This instructor took a subject that overwhelmed my logic and ordered it so well that I plan to take more project management courses. The visuals were just right as well. I appreciated his straight-forward approach that stayed on task explaining the subject matter...I feel like I can learn to use formal project management now.

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