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Instant Italian

$149.00 (USD)

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Lesson 1

Get acquainted with the history of the Italian language, and learn some basic words and phrases.

Lesson 2

Discover the Italian alphabet and pronunciation rules.

Lesson 3

Explore how Italian articles (definite and indefinite), nouns, and adjectives work in the singular and plural forms.

Lesson 4

Expand the scope of your conversations by using essere (to be) and other verbs.

Lesson 5

Get directions, find locations, and see how to use ecco and stare in many new everyday expressions.

Lesson 6

Discuss phone numbers, addresses, and bill information, using numbers 1 - 100.

Lesson 7

Ask about and discuss the days of the week, months, dates, seasons, and discuss the weather.

Lesson 8

Learn how to tell time, ask the time, and understand transportation and business schedules.

Lesson 9

Discover how to use vorrei and the impersonal form to ask questions about shopping and renting.

Lesson 10

Add several new lodging-focused phrases to your vocabulary using c'è and ci sono, avete, vorrei, and potere.

Lesson 11

Learn how to get help in emergencies and discuss health issues with a doctor or pharmacist.

Lesson 12

Ask about foods and beverages, and order meals in various kinds of eateries.






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