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Instant Italian

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So fun!! It was nice to be able to learn in a stress free environment on my own time and still be able to listen to the pronunciation of the words.

I thoroughly enjoyed this class and I learned a great deal. I had taken Italian in college and this was a great review. It gave me very practical information that I can use in everyday conversation. The grammar rules and tips were especially helpful. Also, the audio was excellent and really helped with my pronunciation.

I found the information in the class to be very useful and just the thing that I needed to be able to go to Italy and communicate in an understandable and basic way. Professor Bertoldi's explanations were very clear and the additional information available for each lesson was very helpful.

The course was very well organized! Each lesson was divided into chapters chunking the material into manageable amounts of information that was closely related. The professor provided interesting introductory material as well as helpful formats and thorough explanations. This was a refresher course for me but I still learned new material and gained more understanding of the language and its usage. I loved the additional material and web site suggestions and will continue to use them.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I thought it was interesting and very challenging. I learned a lot and had fun doing it.

The instructor was excellent. He was knowledgeable and friendly. The course material is relevant for travelers.

The course was an excellent introductory class. The content was thorough and it was prepared in a very easy-to-follow format. I hope there will be a "next level" course in Italian.

This was my first time taking a class online. Professor Bertoldi came across as a warm, kind, encouraging individual! I was so grateful! He gave me encouragement throughout his narration that kept me going...I could see myself repeating this class next year…just to hear it…and practice it just for fun! Thank you - buona fortuna!

This was a very good class for me. It filled in many of the holes that I've had in Italian, specifically with masculine vs. feminine verb and adjective forms. It also cleared up some questions that I had in pronunciation. I've been to Italy several times but I feel more confident in going again. Grazie Mille!

The fact that there is a hard eight week deadline was useful to me. Particularly with foreign language study many people, including myself, buy study material and then never get to it because there are too many other activities going on in life. The fact that there is a hard eight week deadline forced me to complete this course in a timely manner...If I bought a self-study package it would still be sitting unopened on my bookshelf.

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