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Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Health

$299.00 (USD)

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This course validated the need for further education and tools for all heath care providers. Many populations have still not grasped the idea of integrated health and yet are searching for alternative methods for prevention and intervention treatments.

The course was well balanced and organized.

I enjoyed the information provided, it was very useful. I think online was the only way to cover so many topics.

Having a better understanding of alternative practices, gives me a broader selection in customizing suggestions for clients.

Excellent course, very informative and helpful.

I took this for personal growth and enlightenment. I learned a lot and hope to implement a lot of what I learned into my daily life.

I will be more aware of the different approaches to going about making patients more at ease through such things as light, sound, atmosphere, humor and make sure they are comfortable mentally, physically, emotionally, and at the soul level. Thanks for the course!

I found this course very informative. I will be able to work more effectively in the integrative health field area.

As a result of this course, I have a better understanding of how settings, routines, and practices can affect an individual's needs. I also have a broader understanding of alternative therapies which i can recommend.

The course has helped broaden my knowledge. There are many more ways to care for a patient than simply Western medicine. It is good to look at an individual as a whole - mind, body, spirit.

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