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Introduction to Internet Writing Markets

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Not only is Linda Aksomitis an expert on her subject matter, she is most generous with that knowledge. One feels certain that Linda wants her students to take away as much as possible from the course, to apply it to their own endeavors and be successful.

Our instructor did a fantastic job! We covered a lot of material in this class, but I never felt overwhelmed or bogged down. All of the information she gave us was presented in a way that made it very easy to digest. We received a ton of supplementary material to go along with the topics we explored, too. I couldn't have asked for a more thorough introduction to writing markets on the internet. I am very happy with my experience taking this course. Thanks for the opportunity!

Linda is an outstanding teacher! She is unbelievably accessible in the discussion area and always so helpful...She is a model for all teachers. Beyond that the course was fascinating. I have taken all three of Linda's courses, and only wish she taught more. An incredible asset to the ed2go family!

Excellent course, full of information and tips that I would never have figured out on my own. Linda Aksomitis is a phenomenal teacher and supportive guide, and her lessons are all organized in a way that is easily accessible. The resources, too, are all indispensable. The assignments were directly useful and helped me formulate a plan to finally jump into action and get online with my writing. I'm so grateful for this course!

This course was far more than I originally expected and that's an excellent assessment because I loved this class. Our instructor, Linda Aksomitis, is a master teacher. Each lesson was engaging and incorporated various learning styles. I am excited to implement all that I learned. I would highly recommend this course to others and have already done so.

Ms Aksomitis provides a vast wealth of information, very well organized, interestingly and clearly presented, along with real-time exercises to enforce major points (games!), and methods that prompt discussion of topics rather than just assigned work [she uses "Let's chat!" prompts]. My questions and assignments were answered very promptly (often within the same day!), and additional information was provided, when requested. Her supplementary materials were excellent, prompting many hours of investigating them and related materials, and she even provided "bonus" materials (checklists)for helping to organize and focus your efforts. I truly felt she wanted me (and all my classmates) to learn, succeed and excel in using what she taught--and that is inspirational!

I am so glad I took this course. I have always wanted to be a writer but did not have the knowledge needed to make it happen. I am now faced with a situation where due to an illness will not be able to continue working at a demanding physical job. This course has provided me with an enormous amount of knowledge and resources to start down the path to being a writer while I am still able to earn a living at my current work. Because of the quality and content of the course taught by this teacher I have already signed up for another course offered by her through your website. I would highly recommend using this teacher for other courses related to writing.

I appreciate Linda's experience, professionalism, and resource listings. As an author in various media, she is a valuable online mentor. She is a master teacher. Thank you, Linda, for all your courses!

FANTASTIC! I loved this course...the most informative and useful course I've taken at ed2go to date (I've taken 22). Linda Aksomitis obviously loves what she does and she does it very well. I will take all of her available courses.

This course was the best ever! It was challenging, yet extremely resourceful, and beyond my expectations. The instructor provided an exceptional amount of knowledge. It is obvious she knows the subject matter extremely well. Excellent, excellent course! Thank you!

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