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Introduction to InDesign CC

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This was another great lesson. I really enjoyed learning how to make an eBook as I had not done that before. While I had a little bit of knowledge in InDesign, this course taught me a lot of great information I wouldn't have learned on my own. Thank you for a great class!

Great lesson! I have worked in printing for 13 years and this lesson showed a lot of key points that many designers still do not understand or take the time to learn. It is key to work with the person/company outputting your final product. Poor files in many times will mean a poor product output and a very frustrated vendor. Thank you for making this a part of the class!

I really feel like I learned much more than I thought I would. Having the InDesign book is great butit was very difficult to wade through because I didn't particularly understand the lingo. You have helpled me with that immensely and now when I look in the book I understand what it's talking about.

I am completely enjoying the class and learning so much! I am excited to be able to maneuver through this program.

I want to thank you, Donna, for this awesome class! It has helped me learn new things about InDesign, even though there are so many things to learn with this program. I know we haven't scratched the surface, but what we have accomplished in this course is a lot. You're an excellent teacher and I hope to take another class of yours in the future!

This lesson was very interesting in many ways...You definitely know how to pack a lesson full of information.

It’s been years since I invested my time into learning a new computer program, but after seeing the first lesson broken down into simple steps that I can easily understand, I’m glad I enrolled in this course. I had no idea that learning InDesign could be fun and this is just the beginning!

As a writer of training programs, myself, I must commend you on the detail of this one on InDesign. I cannot imagine the proofreading and checking that has been done as the various iterations were completed. This is an extraordinary accomplishment!

Let me thank you sincerely for this wonderful introductory course. A teacher myself, I know how much time and effort goes into prepping any one lesson, let alone a whole course with such step-by-step instructions, supplementary materials and groundwork. I also think it's pretty amazing that you're so involved with your students progress - there isn't a single question that wasn't answered or concern that wasn't addressed. I'm really happy I stumbled upon this course and I am looking forward to taking the intermediate one in the future!

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