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Mac, iPhone, and iPad Programming

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Thank you for the course. I have not programmed in 15 years. This gave me the jump start that I needed to make some progress and really put a structured framework around how to get started.

My first programming language was Apple Basic, progressing up through C/C++ and many C based web languages since then. I appreciate that the base programming concepts have stayed true, even with moving to visual editors. I think I'm going to enjoy this transition into mobile development.

I want to thank you for teaching this course. It was exactly what I was looking for and I feel like I now know enough to get started on some serious study of iPad app development. My next stop is Safari Books Online, where I hope to deepen my knowledge. I particularly appreciated your very clear instructions.

Thank you for the course. I know I will have to revisit some of my notes as I go down this path but it opened eyes and at least let me understand the Xcode environment.

Wow, I finally feel like I'm getting my head around Objective C. This lesson was perfect for helping me understand how classes are handled.

You have made a difficult program very easy to understand with your teaching style. For every lesson, my confidence level continues to build up.

Just wanted to say thanks for the informative course. I've had some Objective-C and iPhone programming courses at a university and I felt like they blasted right through it at the expense of demonstrating some of the fundamental features of Xcode. This course covered some of those key fundamental features that I missed in my other classes and I will move forward now with an improved foundation.

This course was excellent! I particularly liked the way the documentation was written. I, for the most part, understood everything that was thrown at me and I hope there will be an advanced version of this class. Thank you for your time and assistance. It was an A+ course!

At first I thought I might be in over my head, but I found that I could learn a great deal in a very short time thanks to your fantastic teaching style. A lot of this is about learning how to think differently to program and you explained some pretty complex things in an easy-to-understand way. The homework exercises were great compliments to each lesson. I am more of a hands-on learner and those drills really helped.

I thought the lessons were well-written and easy to follow and understand and that Professor Wang had an encouraging, conversational tone in the lessons. I can't believe I learned all this, without ever having taken a programming class before in my life. And I love this, and if I had discovered coding years ago I would have done it all my life. Thanks.

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