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Java Programming Level 2

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The writing style in this course was excellent. It flowed well and was very easy to understand. There was just enough information given...well done.

I felt that the lessons were well written and well organized. The instructor had the ability to break a concept down to a level that could be understood by anyone. His explanations were clear and detailed…I'm so glad that this teacher exists, for it is very rare to find a computer science teacher like this one.

Great way to get introduced to Java! Merill does a great job of answering everyone's questions, which is important.

Excellent course and the knowledge that I have acquired from the course will really benefit me on future projects that I will be developing. The instructor is excellent!

I really enjoyed this class. Since I have an unusual schedule, this style of learning is very good for me. I would take another class in this same subject matter if it was offered. This is the second class I have taken with the same instructor and he always responds to my questions.

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