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Introduction to Java Programming

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I loved this course! It got me ready for another JAVA Intro course at a local college. The instructor did a fine job!

I thought that this course was extremely helpful. I was able to learn a little bit of Java to better understand what the developers in my company are doing.

The instructor was incredibly responsive. I actually liked the course. I think it was useful. The lessons were quite good.

The material was very well organized and the material was readable and easy to follow. I learned a lot.

This course was just the perfect fit for me. Challenging enough yet not so challenging that it took all of the limited time I had to apply to the course. The instructor did an excellent job in providing just enough of a foundation for anyone enrolled in the class.

This was a fabulous experience! I can't wait to take another course!

This was a great class. I really like that you copied and ran many, many programs giving feedback and assisting students in resolving issues. The class was much more interactive than I had thought it would be. I learned not only from my own questions, but also from reading about problems other students had and from the replies by both students and teacher. Thanks for content and instructions that were well-written and easy to follow. Everything I needed to know for the class was explained in the chapters. The suggested resource books were helpful. Fortunately the local city library system has several of them. Thank you!

This was truely a course for the 'absolute beginner'. Although I'm sure that programmers would find the course too easy, it was just what I was looking for to ease me into the world of Java. I'm a full time working mother so this course provided just the right amount of challenge and demanded no more than the time I can manage to squeeze out of my week. Plus - it was fun! As a tech writer, I know how difficult it is to write about complex ideas for the 'absolute beginner'. Well done!

Unlike past Java courses, I was able to understand and relate to the material that was taught. The way the instructor explained each word, what it meant, and what it did, helped me more than anything I have read or been taught. It was a wonderful course and I would take more classes from this instructor!!

I just want to say that I am so impressed by the quality of this course and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs to upgrade their skills and wants a good start into the Java world. The course materials and suggested additional materials for each chapter are excellent. I am an experienced pl/sql Oracle Database person who really needs Java to remain technically current. I am also impressed by the amount of time you have dedicated to each of us in our assignments. Thank you.

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