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Lesson 1

Download, install, and learn the basics of the Keyboarding Pro 5 program.

Lesson 2

Learn the correct techniques for typing lowercase letters, master the reaches to the e and the n, and find out how to reduce fatigue while typing.

Lesson 3

Learn the reach to the left SHIFT, h, t, and period (.), find out how to develop speed and accuracy, and meet Keyboarding Pro's word processing program.

Lesson 4

Learn the reaches to the r, right SHIFT, c, and o; find out how typing becomes a reflexive motor skill.

Lesson 5

Learn the reaches to the w, comma, b, and p, and avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.

Lesson 6

Practice the reaches to the g, question mark, x, and u, and learn the purpose of the function and numbers lock keys.

Lesson 7

Practice the reaches to the q, m, v, and apostrophe, and save a document within a word processing program.

Lesson 8

Practice the reaches to the z, y, quotation mark ("), and TAB keys, and use the Save As command in the Key Pro 5 word processing program.

Lesson 9

Review seven keys, learn the reaches to the 1 and 8 keys, and find out how to take timed writings in the Key Pro 5 word processor.

Lesson 10

Learn the reaches to the 5, 0, 2, and 7 keys; explore the differences between the DELETE key, the BACKSPACE key, and the Cut command; and review several alphabetic key combinations.

Lesson 11

Master the reaches to the 4, 9, 3, 6, dollar sign, and hyphen; discover when to spell out numbers and when to write them as figures; and review several key combinations.

Lesson 12

Learn the last of the symbol reaches and work with the Skill Building lessons to improve your speed and accuracy.






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