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Keys to Effective Communication

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I've been using the communication techniques from the lessons with my family members. I’ve gotten positive feedback, especially with my husband when we have issues that come up, during negotiations, or when we are discussing hot topics...The past few weeks have been liberating and have brought us closer together.

Since taking this class I developed a relationship with a sibling that I have never been close to and would talk to only once a year. We are very much alike and I feel like I’m talking to a younger version of myself. I even called her for advice and it made her day to help out her big sister for once.

Thank you for the information you have provided during this class. The information was valuable and strengthened tools already in use. I see gains in my relationships at work, with friends, and family. By practicing these techniques and I have great hopes these changes will improve my chances for future growth in my career.

I just wanted to say that out of all the online courses I've taken, this one is by far the one I've enjoyed the most. The material was very helpful. Unlike other classes, I feel like with this one, I actually learned extremely valuable lessons that will help in my personal and professional life.

I just want to say I enjoyed this course a lot. I would recommend everyone to take this course. Thanks!

Thank you, I learned a lot! I really feel like my new skills will help me at work and at home. I took this class because of one difficulty I had at work, but I ended up learning about many different things that will help me in all aspects of my life.

I have found this class to be very useful. I am going to keep the printed copy handy and re-read on a regular basis. There was so much information, I will need to reference it often to use them all. This course gives hope to those who don't feel they are good communicators, and the tools to make them better. It is just a matter of putting it into practice. I have personally seen a difference. I know others can too.

Thank you so much for putting together this course. This class helped me gain insight to becoming a better communicator with my team members at work, customers, and close loved ones. I found this to be a valuable resource for my personal and professional development.

I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed this class! To be quite honest, the only reason i took this class was because it was required by my employer. I wasn't quite sure how this class would be useful for what I do, but as soon as I started this class, I could see that its infinitely useful, not just in work but all aspects of life! I am sure glad I took this class, as I found it very interesting as well. I learned a lot, and will no doubt be referencing my notes frequently...I will highly recommend this class to others!

Thank you for creating and delivering such a great course! I have taken many classes on communication. This course was empowering because of the tools that were given and the excellent responses you gave on the Discussion Board. Dawn, thank you for the experience! It is always the right time to improve my communication skills.

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