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Keys to Successful Money Management

$99.00 (USD)

Offered in partnership with De Anza College


Lesson 1

Realize what it means and takes to build wealth, and start developing your personal financial plan.

Lesson 2

Identify your financial resources, and create a system for keeping your financial records organized and accessible.

Lesson 3

Understand the association between financial risk and financial reward.

Lesson 4

Determine the appropriate investments for reaching your intermediate and long-term financial goals.

Lesson 5

Discover how you can save enough for higher education. Figure out the Education Savings Account that best fits your financial situation.

Lesson 6

Explore the variety of ways to build up money for retirement. Maximize the use of available retirement saving plans.

Lesson 7

Evaluate the positives and negatives of investing in real property. Choose real property assets that will increase your wealth.

Lesson 8

Comprehend exactly how different types of mortgages work. Identify which mortgage program is best for you.

Lesson 9

Delve into the benefits and challenges of consumer financing. Become a more discerning consumer when it comes to credit cards and loans. Grasp how you can use consumer financing to your benefit.

Lesson 10

Evaluate the best ways to protect your money and investments. Define the different types of insurance. Calculate how much insurance is enough for you and learn which kinds of policies to get.

Lesson 11

Distinguish what the different types of financial experts really do. Learn how a well-chosen team of experts can help you build and maintain wealth.

Lesson 12

Incorporate strategies that will turn your financial goals into actionable steps. Spring into action on your financial plan!






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