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This course was great. I am a high school coach and I learned a lot of useful tips that I will use in the future. It would be an excellent course for anyone in the business field as well. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The instructor was very insightful and always responded to everyone's posts in the discussion area. This was my first online class and I will definitely sign up for more.

I enjoyed this course. It provided relevant information personally and for my work in a position of leadership. I have used much of the information already. Thank You.

I really enjoyed the course and wish that I would have had time to spend in the discussion area. It was obvious that the instructor's knowledge of leadership could help anyone to hone their leadership skills.

It was a great course. I gained a lot of insight about Leadership. Thank you.

This was my first time taking an online class. The online format and class instruction were excellent. I will definitely recommend it to others. The instructor did a very good job. I am looking forward to taking another online class.

I've enjoyed my first on line class. I fell behind after having the flu but loved the way I would move at my own pace. The instructor was interesting and knowledgeable. Her replies where insightful and helpful along with being to the point.

Extremely happy with the course. Perfect for what I was looking for. I really enjoyed it!!!!

Thank you for a thought-provoking course and many valuable resources to help me continue my pursuit of leadership skills and insights.

Your class offered real tools to improve my leadership abilities and I started to use them right after the very first lesson. It made me think about leadership in a whole new light. Generally I find myself in leadership roles when no one else will step up and take the role. I do not seek these roles, but armed with some of your tools, that will most likely change. The class was well worth my time and I am using what I learned every day in the real world, both in professional and personal situations, even parenting. I greatly appreciated the class and I would recommend it to anyone.

"This has been a great course! Thank you so much for your insight and inspiration! I have learned many new strategies and have also recognized my own strengths and talents. I thank you very much for sharing your gift of leadership with us!"

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