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Spanish for Law Enforcement

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I was surprised how helpful this course was! I truly learned far more than I expected to. I feel this course will be very helpful to me working in the field and I also look forward to continuing my studies of Spanish.

I really enjoyed taking this course. The material was very helpful and easy to follow. I would recommend this course to others who are interested in learing the Spanish language.

Thank you for a very interesting learning experience. The course was great!

Thank you! The course was very well done and I enjoyed taking it.

It was fun to follow the characters through the course! It gave the material some flavor, rather than just having dry material.

This course allowed me to have confidence in the training I have already received and will assist me in my future goals. Thank you for making this course available and very informative. I really enjoyed this course. Thank you, Tara!

This was the first online course I have taken. I look forward to taking more. The instructor was outstanding, she responded to questions and comments in a timely manner and made discussions pleasant and a pleasure to learn from.

Being of Spanish descent, the lessons helped me to learn the very basics (alphabet, numbers, letters, verbs) which I had not known before. The lessons covered everything I needed to know to speak properly when I used my Spanish language with others.

This course was the most organized and best presented course I have taken for studying Spanish. As a Law Enforcement Agent, this course was structured around the daily conversation of communication. Very happy with this course.

Awesome course and useful not only for law enforcement but for anyone wanting to learn Spanish. Thanks again, Tara!

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