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Learn to Buy and Sell on eBay

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Lesson 1

Student will be introduced to buying and selling on eBay.

Lesson 2

Student will learn how to use eBay search techniques and how to become a registered user.

Lesson 3

Student will understand all the fields on the auction page and how to use My eBay.

Lesson 4

Student will learn how to bid, buy, and follow through with a purchase.

Lesson 5

Student will learn how to write effective titles and ad descriptions for auction ads.

Lesson 6

Student will learn about digital photography, cameras, and scanners.

Lesson 7

Student will learn about pricing, authentication, and shipping.

Lesson 8

Student will learn how to fill out seller forms, add pictures to listings, and launch an auction.

Lesson 9

Student will learn how to revise a listing and how to communicate with buyers after the auction.

Lesson 10

Student will learn about eBay's About Me service, community announcement boards, and chat rooms.

Lesson 11

Student will learn about eBay stores, eBay's Seller's Assistant, AuctionWatch, and other auction services.

Lesson 12

Student will learn about what's hot to buy and sell, about where to buy items to sell, and about other online auctions.






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