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Listen to Your Heart, and Success Will Follow

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Lesson 1

LISTENING TO YOUR HEART CHALLENGE: Introduce and prepare yourself to be able to get the most out of the 5 Keys of this course.

Lesson 2

KEY #1: ACCEPT THAT YOU MUST LET GO OF THE PAST: Develop strategies to handle change, cope with stress and turn anxieties into opportunities.

Lesson 3

KEY #2: TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT YOUR PREVIOUS ENDEAVORS: You will examine your past through class exercises and develop a personal profile.

Lesson 4

KEY #3: GET TO KNOW YOURSELF REALLY WELL: Discover and identify your needs and values through assessment evaluations and then by recognizing your strengths and skills, develop your own personal advantage assessment for career planning.

Lesson 5

KEY #4: ALIGN YOUR HEAD WITH YOUR HEART: Develop strategies to turn your dreams into goals and get committed to taking action steps to achieve these goals.

Lesson 6

HOW TO GET WHAT YOU REALLY WANT: Learn how to define your outcomes and purposes, determine your resources, word goal statements and create action plans.

Lesson 7

SECRET #5: ENJOY THE JOURNEY: Explore ways to overcome your fears; create and maintain balance in your life; practice self-care, integrity and humor in the workplace.

Lesson 8

BUILD A COMMUNITY THAT SUPPORTS YOUR WELL-BEING: Master the art of connection and build a community of people and resources that support your new choices in life.

Lesson 9

LIFE 101-SUGGESTIONS FOR A HAPPIER LIFE: Learn techniques to release any blockages to a happy life.

Lesson 10

WE ARE ALL SELF-EMPLOYED: Identify new ways to become a more valued employee.

Lesson 11

WHEN CHANGE IS INEVITABLE: Gain an opportunity to experience career coaching, resume writing, interview role-playing.

Lesson 12

YOUR NEW LIFE: Organize ways to set in motion a new way of living.






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