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Lose Weight and Keep It Off

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Lesson 1

Discover the benefits of keeping a food record, understand the importance of food preparation methods, and learn how to guesstimate portion sizes.

Lesson 2

Determine your body type, body mass index, waist-to-hip ratio, and estimated daily calories, and use this information to develop SMART weight-loss goals.

Lesson 3

Learn to evaluate the nutritional content of your food, use that information to plan filling meals with fewer calories, and find out how to time your meals and snacks so you’re less hungry between meals.

Lesson 4

Learn the differences between cardiorespiratory exercise, strength training, and lifestyle activity, and set goals for all three.

Lesson 5

Understand the role of water in weight management, learn how much water a day is enough, and overcome obstacles to good hydration.

Lesson 6

Explore the effects of stress on weight, and develop stress management techniques to help you achieve your weight-loss goals.

Lesson 7

Find out how your thoughts affect weight management, and learn how to use cognitive tools to change thought patterns that are holding you back.

Lesson 8

Discover the importance of sleep in weight loss, learn how to get better sleep, and develop ways to cope with sleeplessness.

Lesson 9

Learn how to eat out successfully, uncover tips for planning and preparing meals at home, and discover how to make better decisions about what and how much to eat when you’re with others.

Lesson 10

Take exercise to the next level, learn secrets for successful long-term exercise, and overcome thought patterns that negatively affect exercise.

Lesson 11

Discuss how factors such as genetics, aging, pregnancy, perimenopause, and cravings affect weight, and uncover strategies to minimize their effects.

Lesson 12

Explore the differences between weight loss and weight maintenance, and get acquainted with tips and tricks for overcoming obstacles to weight maintenance.






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