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Luscious, Low-Fat, Lightning-Quick Meals

$149.00 (USD)

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Lesson 1

Discover the functions of fat in cooking, and learn to identify high-fat ingredients in a recipe.

Lesson 2

Explore the functions of seasonings in lowered-fat cooking, and learn about flavor profiling and how to incorporate it into your meals.

Lesson 3

Understand the functions of fat in sauces, and learn how to prepare lowered-fat sauces.

Lesson 4

Define add-in ingredients, and discover how to incorporate them into delicious lowered-fat recipes.

Lesson 5

Learn how to prepare tender and flavorful lowered-fat meats and poultry.

Lesson 6

Discover how—and why—to prepare lowered-fat meals based on fish and shellfish.

Lesson 7

Make delicious meatless meals that will delight your taste buds and amaze your friends and family!

Lesson 8

Master tips and tricks for preparing a cycle menu, developing a grocery list, and shopping for groceries.

Lesson 9

Uncover the secrets of lowered-fat casserole and slow cooker cookery, and learn how to oven-fry instead of deep-frying.

Lesson 10

Take control of your pantry, kitchen, refrigerator, and freezer; discover helpful kitchen-cleanup tips; and learn about cupboard meals and twofers.

Lesson 11

Explore a variety of ways to make summer cooking easier and cooler.

Lesson 12

Learn the basics of choosing and preparing lowered-fat side dishes, garnishes, and desserts; discover when to break the rule of mise en place; and find out how to evaluate nutrition research.






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