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Luscious, Low-Fat, Lightning-Quick Meals

$95.00 (USD)

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Great course, lots of helpful information. The instructor is passionate about nutrition and it shows in her course content.

I am an active member of a weight loss group and found this information invaluable! The course also helped me look at my family's diet and easy ways to improve it. Thank you!

I really enjoyed this course...Both my husband and I lost a couple of pounds.

I really enjoyed this course. The recipes were delicious as well as healthy. I have learned many ways to improve my cooking, marketing, and housekeeping.

I thoroughly enjoyed this class and would highly recommend it! I've used the recipes since the class started and have had wonderful results from my family!

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I learned so much about nutrition, as well as cooking! The instructor is very knowledgeable, and makes the course fun, and practical. I highly recommend this course.

I was a little skeptical about taking a cooking class online. I was greatly suprised at how much I learned and how informative it was. This was due in large part to the instructor.

Loved the class. Motivated me to cook more and am finding I enjoy it.

This course has been wonderful! I have learned so much and am incorporating all of it in my daily cooking routine. My family has been very receptive to the new recipes and ingredients. I can honestly say that I am becoming a better cook, shopper, and nutritionist. Thank you for a great experience.

This course was extremely helpful in learning how to lower the fat content in any recipe. It also provided a lot of recipes I've never seen before. Applying these methods to my cooking will make all my meals more healthy. Thanks for offering this course!

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